Stimulate your inner energy

Hatsurei ho is a simple and fast method to stimulate the Reiki energy within ourselves.
It is a meditation that is taught in the context of Komyo Reiki Kai, but can be used by anyone who has been introduced to Reiki; it could last shortly, for only 4 or 5 minutes, or be continued for longer, all the time that you want. It's a great way to start a day, a burst of energy that predisposes us to best deal with the daily grind, but it is also a good "recharge" after a hard working day.

1. Sit down on the Japanese way (seiza), or cross-legged, or on a chair, or standing still, as you are more comfortable. Keep your back straight and put your attention to the tanden (the area of the abdomen about three fingers below the navel).
Put your hands on your thighs with your palms facing up.

2. Say silently to yourself "I'm going to do hatsurei ho."

3. Purification of body and mind:
  • a. Put your right hand on the left shoulder and rub the body diagonally (with the right hand) downwards to the right hip.
  • b. Similarly, with the left hand on the right shoulder, down to the left hip.
  • c. Redo point "a" always with the right hand.
  • d. Bring the left arm forward with the palm facing upwards. With your right hand holding the left wrist, rub strongly the left hand from the wrist to the fingertips.
  • e. Do the same with your left hand on your right hand.
  • f. Repeat step "d" again with the right hand..
  • g. Put your hands together over your heart (gassho position).
4. Breathing to purify the mind
  • a. Close your eyes and raise your arms, thinking that you are about to get in touch with Reiki energy.Lower your arms slowly.
  • b. Put your hands on your thighs with the palms upward, concentrating on tanden (the area just below the navel).
  • c. As you inhale imagine that the Reiki energy, as a white light, is entering you through the crown, flowing all the way down to the tanden.
  • d. Hold your breath for a second or two, while the white light fills all your tanden.
  • e. As you exhale, imagine that the Reiki light that filled the tanden now radiates from the body in all directions.

5. Bring your hands folded in front of your heart (gassho)

6. Mental concentration
  • a. As you inhale, imagine that the white Reiki light is flowing through your hands together in gassho down to the tanden.
  • b. Hold your breath for a second or two, while the white light fills all your tanden.
  • c. As you exhale imagine that the white light is radiating from your hands.

7. Bring back the hands on your thighs, saying mentally to yourself: "I have done hatsurei ho".


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