What does a Reiki Master teach

Born in 1951 in a small village in the municipality of Mira, Giare, where he still lives, immersed in the countryside and in the scent of the Venetian lagoon that borders on. He speciatized in holistic relaxing massage at the Institute IDiSS of Udine in 1990. In 1991 he began his personal growing path by developing the self-knowledge through analytic, energetic and spiritual therapies. Always interested in spirituality and studies on the human energy field, chakras and subtle energies, he began to practice meditation and learn different techniques of Breathing and Relaxation.

The encounter with Reiki, that fascinates him and guide him gradually towards a new way of knowledge and life, has a crucial importance. In fact he decided to go for the entire Reiki training and received his Master according to the traditional method of Mikao Usui (Western Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho ) for natural healing, also examining in depth what are commonly called the "original Japanese techniques." He also has a Master Degree in Karuna Reiki registered ITM 1-23. He then attended the Komyo Reiki Kai school with Chiara Grandi, getting the Master from Monk Rev. Inamoto Hyakuten.
He attended the School of Massage Corpo Mente Spirito in Cuneo, accredited by the Piedmont region as "Vocational Training School" with which collaborates by hosting various massage courses. He is specialized on Komyo Reiki Kai Treatments and Seminars, Breathwork, Meditation and Relaxation techniques, Chakra Analysis and Reharmonization, Aura Cleaning with Crystals, Spiritual Energy Massage, Chelation, Massage on chair, Moxa and Cupping, Craniosacral.

She started her initiation in 1999 by learning holistic massage techniques in Shenque Association and continues expanding her knowledge in the field of energy through the path of Reiki and the constant practice of meditation. Afetr that she began using Reiki as an adjunct and support to traditional therapies, associating it with effectiveness in any official therapy. In 2002 she learned the skills needed to teach the first, second and third Reiki levels and receives the Reiki Master harmonization according to the Traditional Western Mikao Usui method.

Over the years she deepened her energies and well-being passion and got to know the Karuna method, achieving the status of Karuna Reiki Master, duly registered at the International Center for Reiki Training with the ITM-Number 01-154. For a long time Erika works with Reiki and holistic massage, obtaining good results, but curiosity leads her to learn new contact techniques. Experiments and learns Shiatsu, reaching in 2010 the title of Operator. The sensitivity, attention and listening generated by the heart are the basis of her commitment to the path towards knowledge of herself and helping others. To live in a simple way and in harmony with the whole universe are the messages she wants to convey on her seminars. At the headquarters of the Shenque Association she conducts Reiki, Meditation, Relaxation and Breathing techniques seminars. The techniques she uses are: Energetic Rebalance, Reiki, Chakra Harmonization, Spiritual Work, Chelation and Shiatsu.


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