A Reiki operator is a channel, then a pathway through cosmic energy

Being Reiki operators/practitioners means owning something very important for themselves and for others. For Reiki practitioners we mean people who practice Reiki on a regular basis, with the Self-treatment on themselves and on other with the Basic or the Fast Treatment.

On an energetic level, any form of discomfort that occurs in the human being,is due to an excess or deficiency of energy in certain energy centers of the body. In general, however, these disharmonies grow within an even thinner energetic level, since they are often already well "formed" or still in embryo, in the auric field of the person. Of course if these disharmonies get to reach the body, manifesting even physically, there you can find yourself facing a real hardship, with its symptoms, and consequences of various hassles - headaches, skin rashes, stomach pains, etc..

The cause of these disharmonies may result from: mental impressions which the body tends to retain such as bad habits, not recognized, and therefore not elaborate, emotions, ways to wrongly breathe, etc..; energy influences present at home or in the workplace; by unconscious memories of past lives or, more simply, models and styles of life not well aligned with the "real task" we have come to realize in this life. It is therefore very important to identify these energy imbalances, already manifest in physical reality or still in their infancy in the auric field. We must discover what is causing them, remove, where possible, the cause itself and re-harmonize the whole energy system.

The biggest challenge for the Reiki operator is achieve humility and simplicity.
The Reiki practitioner develops his sensitivity and soon get to have a great intuition, to understand others thoughts and even view images that others have. The key point is to always remember that a Reiki operator is a channel, then a pathway to cosmic energy.

"Healing does not takes place as a result of the use of a technique rather than another, but in the knowledge that we are ourselves the instrument of our healing".


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