The motivating quality of all enlightened being

KKARUNA is a Sanskrit term used in Hinduism, Buddhism and Zen which means "compassion" or compassionate action. Karuna Reiki opens up to the chance of working more closely connected to all Enlightened Being and Spiritual Teachers, regardless of the faith of us all. The Masters of Light both physically present or in pure spiritual state. To participate in a Karuna Reiki course it is imperative to have received at least the 2nd level of Reiki. The Karuna method was developed by an American Reiki Master, William Lee Rend, who, along with other Reiki Masters, have done extensive researches in the East.

Other important personalities are: Marcy Miller, Kellie Ray Marine, Pat Courtney, Catherine Mills Bellamont and Mary Abraham, who, with William Lee Rend, have obtained through research and channeling the Karuna symbols testing them and identifying their value. Karuna Reiki works directly on all the energetic bodies. Many Karuna operators have had direct experiences with Masters, Spiritual Leaders and with their higher self. Once the shadow self is healed we will certainly not attract any more negative experiences, or they will not adversely affect us.

Karuna Reiki was brought to Italy from the U.S.on October 6, 1996 by Laura Ellen Gifford and Melinda De Bear, directly initiated by William Lee Rend. Karuna Reiki provides a first level Karuna course, which activates the first four spiritual symbols; a second level Karuna course in which you enable additional four highly spiritual symbols; a Karuna Reiki Master course in which you activate the last four symbols, one of which is the symbol of Usui enlighting, while the other three are Karuna symbols.

Giuliano Rossato is registered under No. 1-23 ITM at "The International Center of Reiki Training" Southfield, Michingan U.S., President: William Lee Rend.

Official representatives for Italy of the International Center for Reiki Training

Adriano e Judith Rosso
Via Caramello Piandonne, 26
14050 Roccaverano (AT) Italy

0144 93100 (from Italy)
011 39 0144 93100 (from USA)


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