Komyo Reiki Levels

Komyo Reiki courses can be attended both as a group or in individual form and are hosted by the Komyo Reiki teacher. During each course, original Komyo Reiki Kai Italy handouts are delivered, every time inherent in Komyo Reiki course level attended by the student, which faithfully follow the teachings of the program Komyo Reiki Kai by Rev. Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei, translated from Japanese to Italian. At the end of each course the original Komyo Reiki Kay Italy certificate will be delivered, relative to the Komyo Reiki level completed by the student.

Nel In the first level - Shoden you learn the energy balancing trough self treatment, the prompt treatment for defined points and the localized treatments. Four reiju are given. It is a material level: learn to help yourself.

Nel In the second level - Chuden the Reiki symbols to strengthen the power of the Universal Energy and Buddhica are explained, as well as leaning techniques to drive the energy of Reiki to the place you want to not present individuals or groups (remote processing). Even this level is material: it helps others. Four reiju are given.

Il The third level - Okuden is primarily focused on a personal work to achieve inner peace and inner growth. We learn the ultimate symbol and new specific techniques to different treatments. Okuden is a more spiritual level: search inner peace. Two reiju are given.

Il The fourth level - Shinpiden is a spiritual level: share your knowledge with others. After concluding your own spiritual path you are ready to help others to undertake theirs: you become a Komyo Reiki Teacher, although in reality it is from this moment that you become especially "students" of others.
The Best Teacher is always humble and knows how to learn from his own students. The real Buddhic path to the Light starts right now. Only one reiju is given.

The path in Komyo Reiki could be summed up as follow:
help yourself so to help others, find inner peace to accompany your neighbor in his quest.


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