A Reiki practitioner is a channel, then a pathway for cosmic energy

Reiki often seems a strange thing, far removed from our everyday experience, and it is not easy to understand. There is too much information, misleading often through ignorance or calculation. The problems of Reiki reside in its own success: a multitude of charlatans and improvisers are damaging its name while withdrawing disappointment and even injuries to peolple. Our purpose is to help people clarify their ideas and possibly bring them closer to this great gift that we can all enjoy. The real strength, great skills, great harmony come from humility.


In search of inner spirituality - Mikao Usui Sensei

The founder of the Reiki discipline,Dr. Mikao Usui, was a very intelligent man, highly educated and open-minded. At just 16, he left his village to go to Kyoto to study in China, then coming to Europe and America.

After years of travelling, he returned to Tokyo where he married and had a son and a daughter. In the course of his life he changed more than thirty works, fact that led him to feel a sense of shame due to the fact of not being able to maintain a stable job burdening on the family economic conditions (in Japan precariousness was considered a disgrace at the time, so that the unemployed fathers often committed suicide). Fortunately he did not let himself go. He departed from Tokyo to Kyoto on foot (the equivalent of the distance between Milan and Rome) and once there he climbed the top of Sacred Mount Kurama and Meditate for 21 days. He immediately felt in harmony with the Universe, and knew he should not worry: he sensed a higher power, he entered the state of Anshin Ritzumei. He went down the mountain and tried to heal people. Usui knew about ducts but what he had just felt was a totally different thing. First he began to heal his family, then his friends. Finally he decided to open a school, positive about the value of his discovery.

In this school everybody practice all together; he never taught Reiki per sè but simply said: lets all try out this meditation practice, lets focus for half-hour on our fingertips to maintain discipline, to keep the focus, ie the Here and Now. He made people feel the energy just to keep the Here and Now, the presence. Then he would have everybody repeating aloud the precepts that were the guidelines to be followed every day so as not to soil the Aura, so as to remain always clean and therefore always in harmony with the universe.

Usui’s Reiki symbols (Shirushi in Japanese) are four.
They have not been channeled by Usui on Mount Kurama, as the legend goes, but they were "desk designed" over the years. Usui had simply called them the first, second, third and fourth symbol (and this is still the nomenclature used in the Gakkai school).


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