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Reiki is, above all, a journey of personal and spiritual growth which brings enormous benefits on the physical, mental and spirituallevel; is probably the most popular method of natural healing in the world but consider it a "technique" is just trivial.


"One thing is given: you're there. Only one thing matters: at this very moment you're there, but who are you? This is meditation: meander through your innermost being. And just in meditation something inside of you begins to change: a radical change, a transformation. And the little things in life begin to have a new meaning, a new importance. Then nothing is small, everything start to emanate a new fragrance. You begin to feel a sort of diffuse religiosity. You do not become Christians, you do not become Hindus, you simply become life lovers.We learn only one thing: how to enjoy life! "Osho

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

The term Craniosacral refers to the attention paid by the Operator to the spine, the bones of the head or skull and the wide terminal structure of the spine, the sacrum. As a means of evaluating and monitoring, the craniosacral practice pays particular attention to the craniosacral rhythm, a slight swelling and contraction of the bones of the head and a rotation around the central part of the skeleton on each side of the horn.

Cupping therapy

The Cupping is another technique of very ancient origin that determines an energy modification to restore the equilibrium of a functional body. The Cupping consists of the application, on skin areas often correspondent to points of Acupuncture, of small cups known as suction cups. These are very similar to the jars of yogurt and could be made of glassy material, bamboo, bakelite and plastic.


Moxa is an English word derived from two Japanese ideograms: Moe Kusa. They which refers to the practice of a therapeutical technique absolutely original and unknown in the West until a few decades ago. More than anything else the term Moxa refers to a substance used to make the moxi-bustion which is the therapeutic technique consisting in the heating of skin areas overlying acupuncture points or energy paths, in order to obtain a resolution of pathological event.

On-Chair Massage

Lands in Italy the "office" massage. An alternative to the traditional coffee break: 15 minutes of relaxation without even getting up from your desk to relieve stress and get back to work recharged and more focused. The new fashion was born in the United States at the beginning of the 80s, in Europe has already infected the "white collar" in France, Holland, Switzerland and now arrives in Italy. The new technique, which relies on the fusion of various methods of pressure, have you not take off your clothes and takes place on a specially designed ergonomic chair so you can surrender to the hands of the operator.

E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

The method is based on the stimulation of a series of points of the body connected with the network of the Meridians (Traditional Chinese Medicine) while the focus is placed on the subject to be solved. These points are activated while leaving the thoughts flow (and feelings), describing them properly with words or phrases. EFT helps the practitioner to shed light on the issues that concernus, to come out of the hypnotic state in which we live, and often to expand our point of view.

The Kirlian Photography – Bioenergetic Text

The Kirlian photography is a recording that is obtained through special and sophisticated equipment which capture the Prana in the form of light emitted by the subtle bodies. It provides complete information about the disorders of a living organism and serves to the recognition of diseases. The diagnosis of Power Point Terminal provides:
1. energy-specific diagnostic indications, also with regard to yet undisclosed indispositions;
2. causal connections between the symptoms of the diseases and their causes;
3. specific details of the necessary therapeutic measures;
4. chance of evaluating the effectiveness of the used therapy through instant therapeutic control.

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Anti-stress massage

The relaxing, anti-stress massage, promotes relaxation that mainly benefits the people who are stressed and overworked, gently stimulates the many nerve endings in the body, stabilizes the nervous equilibrium and leads to a heightened state of well-being. A massage aimed at those seeking a moment of true relax, to those who want to indulge and find harmony with their body, but also to those looking for an effective massage to drain, remove toxins, improve circulation, cool-down, release tension and relax the muscles.
To attend a course in anatomy it is advisable.

see program of the Anatripsis course


Chelation it is an energetic technique that comes from America, which gives a lot of strength and helps to concentrate. It uses the energy of the Earth, other than the cosmic one, but it is still an energy that we need, given the fact we live on this planet. It cleans our energy system, the trauma trapped in the body, our Karma, what we carry in the first four outer layers of the aura and DNA. It is an different energy from Reiki, it is more earthly, heavier, roots us in the here and now, it takes away physical and deep trauma even making us more confident. This energy has no side effects or contra-indications, but it is better to follow some tricks to use it better. This energy has no side effects or contra-indications, but it is better to follow some tricks to use it at it’s best.

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