Our goal is to develop human, cultural and spiritual growth in our Students

The Association has sprung up to promote the extension and diffusion of Energetic Disciplines. We would like to share our knowledge of preventative methods for the natural balance of body and mind, both for individual and in group. The Shenque Association has no ideological or political purposes, it does not contrast or pretend to be a substitute for any kind of religion or medical care therapy..

The Shenque Association's activities address to physically and mentally healthy, mature, autonomous and independent people who seek the deeper meaning of life and yearn for a deeper interaction with other human beings and with nature in all its manifestations.

The training was designed to teach various energy techniques and especially to encourage and facilitate personal growth and awareness in the Students.
The term "Healing" is to be understood as a synonym for Happiness, Fulfillment, Enlightenment.



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Scuola Corpo Mente Spirito, C.S.E.N., Alchemica Valgelata, A.P.O.Di.B.

Teachers at the Training School for Holistic Reiki Operators


NATUROPATA, TRAINER OLISTICO®, MANAGER OLISTICO®, MANAGER DEL BENESSERE®: collaborazioni con studi medici ed odontoiatrici, centri benessere naturale, associazioni, scuole di naturopatia, tecniche olistiche, formazione. Docente corsi EAV-Elettroagopuntura secondo Voll, Intolleranze Alimentari, Fiori di Bach (fiori Australiani e Californiani), Shiatsu met. Namikoshi, massaggi Integrati, Odontoiatria Olistica, Trainer Olistico, Aromaterapia, Cromoterapia, Auricoloterapia, Tecniche di Rilassamento, Smettere di Fumare, Linguaggio degli Organi: psicosomatica e significato psicosomatico di alcune patologie, Deontologia Professionale e Gestione Risorse Umane, Programmazione per il Raggiungimento Personalizzato del Benessere, Corsi di Comunicazione e PNL, Tecniche Manuali di espressione Corporea, Wellness & Life Management, Wellness Coach. FIDIA SRL: Docente Corsi EAV – Elettroagopuntura secondo Voll, Cromoterapia.


Laureato in filosofia a Ca' Foscari di Venezia, pratica Meditazione Zen, seguendo gli insegnamenti del Maestro Namkhai Norbu Rimpocè, suo Guru di radice, che è stato la sua guida anche in un pellegrinaggio al Monte Kailash. La Terapia del Soffio gli è stata trasmessa dal Maestro Zen Inoue Muhen.


Degree in Physiotherapy from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Padua. University Master's Degree in Physiotherapy applied to Sport Edition 2010-2011" achieved at the University of Siena. Achieved the title of Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT) through the Clinical Course Certificate Program with the Ola Grimsby Institute. Many postgraduate training courses among which STEP Scientific-Therapeutic-Exercise-Progressions, course for instructors in: Anatomy and Biomechanics applied to Pilates, Maitland concept first level. He currently works as a physiotherapist with the Futsal Villorba (Italy). He has worked as a professor with the Institute of Education for Physical Therapists at the University Hospital Center of Laval (France) in the academic year 2012-2013. Physiotherapist at "F.K.T. Clinic" and "Center of physiotherapy and motion analysis Kinè", as well as physiotherapist of the Italian Canoe and Kayak Slalom, in Leipzig in July 2011 for the 2011 World Cup. Physiotherapist for Sacilese Soccer and youth sector of VeneziaMestre Rugby.


Alchemist and oils preparer, Giuseppe was born in the province of Savona in 1946. His working life began in 1967 as a navigator on board of merchantile ships. When he was sea sick, he soothed his discomfort thinking of the streams and woods of Liguria. In 1987, knows his Alchemy Master Angelo Angelini and immediately begins to develop his practice on alchemical preparations. In 1996 he founded the Alchemica Valgelata. For several years now Alessia Cusin collaborates and works with Alchemica Valgelata to spread the Oleoliti(ingredients in the oils) message.


Corporate lawyer Degree and Auditor at the University Ca 'Foscari of Venice. After the mandatory practicum, She obtained the license to practice in February 2010. Sara carries out her activities in respect of sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations. With some colleagues she is part of the "Fabrica Iani professional association" since 2011, where She serves as director and treasurer; in this association She aims to investigate issues related to economics, fiscal, tax and legal persons even through disclosure evenings. From this year she also is Chairman of the Board of Auditors for AIDO of the Province.


Kinesiologist, Naturopath, Kinergy Trainer, Instructor of Inborn Systems and Specific Skills, Operator of 5 wounds. Expert in "Essential Trace Elements", "Flower Essences", "Micronutrients", "Phyto", "Phytocosmes", "Properties of Crystals." She works as a teacher and supervisor at the Institute Kinergia. She works as a freelancer in the field of Neuro-Training ® and Kinesiology, conducting individual sessions, group sessions, courses and weekly classes on weekends, again as part of Neuro-Training.

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